Systems and Technology Manager

Harry Tackey-Otoo is a seasoned software and systems engineer with over 5 years’ experience across industries such as software development, micro finance and presently oil and gas services. Harry has proven leadership and technical skills in the management and development of IT infrastructure leading to improved functionality, efficiency and eventual higher financial turnover as a direct result of his leadership.He has also served as an integral part of various executive committees appointed by management to spearhead strategic objectives alongside counterparts of varying disciplines leveraging IT to improve and streamline operations.

Alongside his managerial competencies, Mr Tackey-Otoo also offered solutions oriented, client focused consultancy services utilizing his wealth of experience and engaged network to deliver dedicated, dynamic and creative products to meet the ever changing needs of his clients. Harry is currently the Technology and Systems Coordinator at Fortress Ghana working in systems development, smart home technology in the real estate space as well as streamlined IT focused business solutions applicable to a variety of sectors.

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